Welcome to Alyssa Gabrielle Rodriguez's website!


Be sure to tune in Wednesday, November 12 to CBS's hit primetime TV show CRIMINAL MINDS to see me in my first network television debut! 

Catch me December 7 opposite Dean Cain and Christy Swanson in MERRY EX-MAS on the Ion Channel! 

So proud to have work opposite my dear friend Maurice Hall in his hilarious rom-com, Baker's Man. It was my first lead in a feature and had the time of my life!! So beyond thrilled and can't wait to share where you can watch it! :) 

Also, proud to have signed with Will Levine at Upper Management, by far one of the best additions to my team! 

I can't wait to shoot with John Murlowski in his feature film, A Date To Die For! So excited!

Thanks y'all! 

May News!

I just got back to work with Mark David in another feature! I play supporting role of Hipster Mary in Jonny's Sweet Revenge, another awesome slapstick comedy set to run in the festivals. The movie stars up and coming Trent Tackbery, Eric Fellows and huge names like Andrea Bowen (Desperate Housewives), Priscilla Barnes (Three's Company) and Blake Clark (The Waterboy). Priscilla and Blake were both in the pilot I shot with Mark in 2012, Low Lifes. If you want to catch some of the web-series, click here. Here is some of the cast goofing off in a selfie I took!

Trent Tackbary, Erik Fellows, Katie Brown and myself

I am proud to have just signed with a voice over agent, Caryn Models in Minneapolis.  My agent Bridget has been wonderful and gets me in for national spots for huge retailers and huge animation series... I hope I book one soon!

So grateful to have worked with Marki Costello in her Become A Host Bootcamp. This woman knows what she is doing and am utilizing her skills and advice into my career and life, in acting, hosting and my beauty business. I got a great reel out of it and will upload it as soon as I can figure how to upload videos.

I had a great time shooting on the set of Merry Ex-Mas! I was super excited to have a scene with Dean Cain (Super Man) and Kristy Swanson (Dude, Where's My Car). It also stars Lochlyn Munro, Gregg Wayans and even got to meet Kevin Farley on set! What an awesome experience. Such professionalism and a great director.

Director Brian Skiba

Finally getting up some new images I took with Scott at SoBay Studios. Here are a few of my favorites!


Default Theatrical and Commercial

I also shot a 60s inspired photoshoot with hotographer, Ray Jon Pila.

March/April News!

I just booked my first supporting role in a Christmas movie! I shoot at the end of April!  Directed by Brian Skiba and Casting by Ricki G. Maslar.

I had a great standup show at The World Famous Comedy Store earlier this month.

I had an amazing opportunity to shoot with the talented photographer, Walid Azami. I did makeup for two actresses and I even had the honor to sit and have my photo taken, I hope to share soon!

Had a great audition for a CBS pilot! How fun is it to walk onto the Fox lot and they tell you, "Ms. Rodriguez... this way..."

I shot a Kickstarter promo for Maurice Hall's "Baker's Man". Please use the #BakersManTheMovie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see the process from start to finish. Congrats, Mo and thank you for letting me a part of it!

Also, had a great time doing makeup for the Pearl's Liquor Bar new campaign! Such a blast working with friends!

I will let you know about upcoming improv and standup shows!