And Some FAQs on Anxiety

I asked on my social media pages some questions I wonder about anxiety and people that are dealing with it. So, I did a poll and the results were kind of mind boggling and eye opening.

Voting from poll of 200 people

Q1 have you dealt with anxiety?

93% yes and 7% no…

The majority of people have dealt with anxious thoughts and feelings.

Q2 How did/do you get through it?

  • “ I got down on my knees one day when I had enough and bam! It’ll try to creep in every now and then… it reminds me to just keep trusting in God”

  • “ Jesus, therapy, and books”

  • “Coloring, naps and fiction novels”

  • “Journaling…Prayer…worship… forcing myself into a peaceful place”

  • “Pushing through it”

  • “ Tears honestly and yoga and some deep breaths. And my favorite candy”

  • “ still figuring it out”

  • ”emotional oils for support, exercise and meditation”

  • “Jesus”

I feel like I have practiced a lot of these. Many times I felt like I would never get through it. I would be so consumed that I couldn’t get up. Worked myself up so much that I pretty much forgot who I was. The fact that this many people have gone through anxiety, should make us feel comfortable talking about it with one another and praying for one another. I know that its hard to remember who we are but sometimes all I can muster up is “Jesus”. Just Jesus. Because when my flesh is reminded of His goodness, I think it sparks a fire in my spirit to push through and believe in the truth.

Q3 Have you ever struggled with anxiety so badly you missed out on doing things you love?

94% yes 6% no

Q4 When was a time someone didn’t understand what you were going through?

  • “ early on in marriage I didn’t communicate what it truly was like for me”

  • “ people don’t understand all the time”

  • “ when you randomly flip like a light switch and the other person can’t comprehend”

  • “ one time I got my teeth pulled out I was freaking out. Dad to the doc- she has a little anxiety…(UH DUH).”

Same girl same

  • “ honestly I lost count. I would ignore people texting me and wanting to hang out with me”

I have been there. Sometimes I still struggle with things like this. One time I got anxious going through a grocery store and ran out. I’ve noticed super packed and hot places get to me. I think something I have learned is that I don’t have to be strong bc I can lean on God to take care of me. Whenever I rationalize my thoughts once i calm down, it is kinda funny. Something that helps too even though it is hard is talking about it. The more I don’t talk about it, the more and more it tends to linger. Expose those fears and give them to God and don’t take them back. Also— if you’re the person still cancelling plans with people because you are feeling anxious, let that person ( if they are a person you trust) know that you are battling something. Go the extra step and have them pray for you. To the people that may not understand this season, have patience with the friends cancelling on you and be there to support and pray for them because they will get through it.

Q5 do you think you can be free from it?

88% yes 12% no

To the 12 percent that said no, I want to encourage you that you are not bound by this. You aren’t and that you can be freed from this in Jesus name because God has called you to so much higher. I refuse to let you believe your negative thoughts and the enemy. There is hope. I thought I would never get through it in a million years, but everyday instead of thinking everything will get worse I just keep thinking things will get better. I keep trusting and leaning on the Lord. Even if that means that I’m bawling my eyes out and feel so confused, things will get better because Jesus has told us not to be anxious about anything.

Q6 how have you managed panic attacks on the daily?

  • “Definitely spending time with God, and allowing myself to feel what I’m feeling but speaking God’s truth”

  • “Meditation, strength, I still fight everyday and every time I feel anxious”

These were the only two responses out of 200. this tells me that people, don’t know how to handle it lol. Let me tell you, it was because we weren’t meant to. As I’m writing this I am speaking to myself. I’m tired of the world labeling us as un-redeemable. When we can be redeemed and are! We can be healed and we can move forward. We can daily meditate on the word. Even if it’s just saying the word Jesus. I genuinely believe that he cares for us. I believe it so much so that I know he won’t give up on us. Especially in the toughest seasons of our lives. I was talking to my Uncle Stephen, a wise young man (haha), he told me something today that really helped me. The word of the Lord is like a filter, I thought of a Brita Filter. No matter what junk goes through it, the word of the Lord acts as a filter reminds us of the truth and no matter the thoughts that come at us. We chose the word and let it purify us.

Tonight I felt anxious in anticipation of my future and my life in general. Jesus, I need you. I say yes to your word. We have the victory!

“ Yet in all things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us” Romans 8:37

Alyssa Fisher